Coming Soon & Just For You: New Autumn 2022

Homegrown Happiness! Our newest collections will be launching from 8am on Monday 1st of August.

As Autumn approaches, we're looking forward to making jams, jellies and chutneys with allotment pickings and garden windfalls or spending days foraging along nearby lanes, buying from neighbourhood shops and throwing together an impromptu supper for a few friends. There’s nowhere more lovely to be than home, sweet home.

We have some lovely new Rosehip & Elderberry, Fruits, Flowers, Birds and Animals patterns to add to your collections. A few of these will launch as Collector's first items before being released to everyone else...

  • Rosehip & Elderberry Large Jar With Ears

  • Fruits Pears & Quinces Large Dish

  • Fruits Pears & Quinces 6 Pint Jug

  • Fruits Apples Large Old Bowl

  • Flowers Red & Pink Dahlia Medium Oval Platter

  • Flowers Red & Pink Dahlia Large Old Bowl

To shop these Collectors first items, be sure to log into the Members Page.

All collections will be launching online and in our Bicester Village & Stoke-on-Trent Factory Gift shops.