Our new Mother’s Day collection with Biscuiteers

This year we have again joined forces for Mother’s Day with Biscuiteers, combining one of the greatest pairings – tea and biscuits – in a sweetly packaged tin. You can shop the four gift boxes now at Biscuiteers.com, They are the perfect gifts for enjoying an afternoon with Mum!

This year’s ‘Time for Tea’ Mother’s Day collection takes inspiration from our classic Pink Hearts pattern - one of our most loved and bestselling designs. Read more below about the love that goes into making both our Time for Tea collection and the pink hearts pottery that it’s inspired by.

Pink Hearts Mummy Mug: Made by hand in Stoke-on-Trent.

Unashamedly pretty and pink, Pink Hearts was inspired by drifts of confetti left on the pavement after a wedding.

This iconic pattern (and every other one of our patterns) is made by hand in our Stoke-on-Trent Factory. Each mug passing through 30 skilled hands, one pair at a time, to get ready for it’s first cup of tea!

All our mugs begin their life as clay sourced from the UK. The clay is then skilfully poured into mug moulds. Once the mug is removed from the mould and the neatened up, the mug is then ready for its very first firing. Then it’s time to decorate.

For this colourful design, hand cut sponges are dabbed into red and pink glazes and applied carefully to the mug, layering up to create the pattern. After the decorators have finished, the mugs are glazed ready to be put into one of the five factory kilns.

Pink Hearts Biscuits: Made by hand in London

All of Biscuiteers biscuits are made by a team of talented icers and bakers in London at The Ministry of Biscuits. Each biscuit is lovingly hand-iced the old-fashioned way, one at a time. Using a piping bag their talented icing artists outline the shape of the mug, teapot or spoon in white line icing (a type of royal icing).

The icers then flood the shape with icing and are put in the oven (for the second time), to dry the biscuits and create that satisfying glossy finish. This biscuits are then finished by delicately piping line icing hearts in red and pink.

Once the biscuits are dried, they are ready to be hand-packed snugly into our hand-illustrated boxes or keepsake tins.

And there you have it…delicious treats to share with your mother this Mothering Sunday.

This years Mother's Day Collection includes

The Time for Tea collections are available to buy over at Biscuiteer.com now.

Time for Tea Gift Box includes:
14 hand-iced lemon flavour biscuits in our keepsake hand-illustrated tin,
1x Emma Bridgewater ‘Mummy’ Mug,
1 bag of Tregothnans for Biscuiteers Mother’s Day Tea, all in a hand-illustrated giftbox

Time for Tea Luxe Biscuit Tin includes:
14 hand-iced lemon flavour biscuits in a keepsake hand-illustrated tin

Time for Tea Letterbox Biscuits includes:
4 hand-iced lemon flavour biscuits in our hand-illustrated letterbox

Time for Tea Letterbox Gift Box includes:
4 hand-iced lemon flavour biscuits
1 bag of Tregothnan’s for Biscuiteers Mother’s Day tea, all in our hand-illustrated giftbox

P.s. keep your eyes peeled for a special giveaway coming soon…